Shade Sails Sunshine Coast

Shade sails manufactured locally on the Sunshine Coast.
Highest quality shade sails manufactured using 10 year warranty shade cloth, 15 year warranty PTFE thread and all 316 stainless steel fasteners.
Over 20 years experience custom manufacturing and installing shade sails.

Designer, Manufacturer and Supplier of Shade Sails, Shade Structures and other Outdoor Shade Products.

We have an artistic design service which cab create concepts satisfying both the physical and aesthetic elements of your custom design before the manufacturing begins. Our design service can generate 3D images of our concepts. Bringing your ideas to life for more accurate visualization of the appearance. We can also do a.

Fabrics and Colours used by Shadescape

Popular shade sail materials, all 10 year warranty.

  • Poly FX & Z16 – Shadecloth Sails Blinds
  • Mehler & Ferrari 502 – Vinyl Sails & Tensile Structures

Repair and Servicing Of Shade Sails

In some cases a damaged shade sail can be repaired instead of a full replacement. Servicing/tensioning sails will keep them tight and prevent damage, extending the life of the sail.

Answers to Your Questions
About Shade Sails

Using only the highest quality products sourced from reputable suppliers, Shadescape’s premium grade sails cleverly conceal reinforcing patches providing maximum strength without ruining the appearance. Specially reinforced wire pockets are used to stop the perimeter stretching and to eliminate fabric wear from the wire. The fabric is carefully laid in the correct direction suitable for each custom sail plan so it will not stretch as much as a conventionally made shade sail and allowing it to be tensioned at higher loads reducing movement or flapping of the sail. All this combined with the same thread as used in NASA space suits means, we make really tough sails!

Shadescape use only highest quality materials sourced from trusted quality suppliers. Everything from our fabrics to hardware has been sourced with a quality guarantee in mind. All fittings and wire used by Shadescape are of 316 marine grade stainless steel.

Yes. The shade sail can only be attached to the building in the correct location where adequate strength is available. We can attach to tin and tile roofs, timber framing and block walls. Every project is different and we can schedule a free site visit to discuss the best solutions for you project. Click “Get a Quote” to schedule.

In shade cloth, darker colours offer higher UV protection and higher shade factor and are therefore cooler underneath as air will flow through the fabric. Darker coloured shade cloths are also far easier to keep clean. In comparison PVC (waterproof) shade materials offer similar attributes to shade cloth for UV protection and shade factor, though as air does not flow through PVC the darker colours can be hotter underneath then the lighter options. Our project manager can assist you with your decision during your consultation.

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Shade sails made of any fabric will initially stretch to a certain degree. We offer a free service/inspection three-six months after installation.

An annual service is highly recommended for all shade sails. Your service will involve inspections on all perimeter wires, shackles and turnbuckles, footings, building attachments, corrosion and the overall status of the sail. If required we will retension perimeter wires, corner tensions, and reset shackles and turnbuckles.

We recommend the use of a mild dishwashing liquid with a low pressure water hose and a soft scrubbing brush. We do not recommend the use of high pressure water to blast the fabric clean. Avoid chemicals that contain bleach or other agricultural chemicals containing sulphur and/or halogens (e.g. chlorine, bromine) these chemicals may attack the UV stabilisers within the cloth, this reducing the life of the product and negating the warranty.

What have our clients got to say?

“The one thing that will always set a service provider apart from the rest, is First Class Service. That is exactly what I received when I contacted Shadescape about sun shades and shade fabric. My questions were answered with a prompt return phone call, then a quote which was at a very reasonable rate. The work was carried out within a couple of days and the work was again, First Class. It is rare to find a Tradesperson who will exceed our expectations and much appreciated when it happens, I highly recommend Shadescape for their professionalism and service.”

C. Sinnott, Caloundra

“I got a car shade sail installed and was super happy with the finished product. The shade sail and accessories look to be of high quality and installation didn’t take long from quote to completion. Would definitely recommend.”

D. Randall

Very happy with the job that Shadescape did at my house from the quotation, which was very competitive, right through to completion of the job. Keith and Courtney were great to deal with and made sure that everything was completed to my satisfaction. I would recommend their business to anyone considering having a shade sail installed.”

B. Spedding

The service and quality of the work done is excellent. They were very professional and went out of their way to assure that I was happy with the job. The process took place exactly when they said it would which was great. They were not the cheapest out there but well worth what I paid. The cheaper quote was for a lower standard shade sail. I fully recommend them to anyone considering a shade sail whether your job is small or large.

K. Suttenfield

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